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  • Product Name: EVIMED 60
  • Active Ingredient: Raloxifene HCL
  • Manufacturer: Deus Medical
  • Strength: 60mg/tab
  • Packaging: Strips with tablets
  • Each Package Contains: 50 Tablets / e60 mg, For oral use, BP
  • Ships From: Europe (EU Domestic & Worldwide)

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EVIMED 60 is the generic name for the active ingredient Raloxifene Hydrochloride. Raloxifene Hydrochloride belongs to a group of non-hormonal medicines called Selective Oestrogen Receptor Modulators or in short SERMs.

EVIMED 60 helps you to get rid of the negative effects of gynecomastia or in short gyno. Gynecomastia is a common problem among bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids or testosterone to achieve muscle growth. Part of that testosterone gets transformed into estrogen by an enzyme known as aromatase, causing estrogen to attach to breast tissues and causing them to swell, resulting in a condition known as gynecomastia or ‘man boobs’. This condition is mostly harmless, and only has visual discomfort- one that bodybuilders wish to avoid of course.

Raloxifene can be taken both during the cycle, when gyno is still not present. Or you can start taking it after noticing some unsightly breast formation, on your PCT phase. Users claim that Raloxifene could both prevent as well as reverse gynecomastia.

The key benefits of Raloxifene are enhancing bone density, increasing fat free mass, the prevention nd reversal of gyno effects, and slowing down of muscular dystrophy.

The effectiveness of EVIMED 60 is backed by multiple studies, for example only study found that a 3-to-9 month Raloxifene treatment course decreased gynecomastia by up to 86%, while another one published on the American Academy of Family Physicians suggests that Raloxifene  successfully prevent the onset of ‘man boobs’



The most appropriate EVIMED 60 dosage  depends on the state of your gyno, whether you already have it or you want to prevent it from developing. In the first one, you will need to stack Raloxifene with an aromatase inhibitor (AI), to prevent your body from producing more estrogens than it already has.

While on the other hand, if you’ve just started a cycle and see no signs of present gyno, adding Raloxifene to your anabolic steroids/testosterone might prevent its future development.

The recommended EVIMED 60 dosage protocols are:

  • For preventing gyno: 60mg/day throughout the steroid or prohormone cycle
  • For treating/reversing gyno: 60mg Raloxifene per day and 12.5mg Aromasin per day for 4 weeks

After completing the Raloxifene-Aromasin cycle, avoid taking any new supplements for at least 2 weeks. Let it flush out of your system before you start  a new cycle.

Side effects

Raloxifene is considered a very mild substance with very little to no common side effects at all. Some of these mild side effects include hot flashes, and sinusitis