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How To Pay With Bitcoin At Our Store


  • Place an order and upon checkout select “Pay with Bitcoin”
  • Purchase the exact amount of Bitcoin (BTC) that is shown on the checkout
  • Use one of the above-mentioned methods and send it to the address displayed at checkout.
  • The transaction will be confirmed and you will receive a tracking number.

Where to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) in leading countries prior to Checkout

USA customers  wanting to pay with a Credit card:

Prior to making a purchase at our store:

USA residing clients who hold a Credit Card can buy Bitcoin (BTC) using CashApp. Please follow the instructions below:

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) using CashApp

After completing your purchase in our store, send Bitcoin (BTC) to us from your CashApp using the following steps:

  1. Press the investing tab on your Cash App home screen
  2. Press Bitcoin
  3. Press the Airplane button
  4. Pick “Send Bitcoin”
  5. Press the icon in the top left corner of your screen and scan the QR code our store shows at checkout.
  6. Send the stated Bitcoin amount and wait, Our checkout page will update fairly quickly, most likely less than 30 minutes, we will take care of the rest from now on.

USA customers  wanting to pay with a Bank Cash deposit:

For USA customers there also exists the option of an anonymous cash bank deposit or Western Union using

Available Banks are:

  • TD USA
  • Citizens Bank
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Union Bank

EU, UK customers  wanting to pay with a Credit card:

EU & UK customers who hold a Credit Card can buy Bitcoin (BTC) using:

  • (for Euro and GBP)
  • (for Euro and GBP)
  • (Euro)

USA, EU, UK, and other countries customers  without a Credit card: and  provide various payment methods in exchange for Bitcoin (BTC) such as  Bank Transfer, Western Union, Cash, and more.