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Looking to buy YK-11? We have YK11 for sale from Deus Medical – a leading SARM manufacturer with pharma-grade quality. YK-11 is a powerful SARM for rapid muscle gain & strength.

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  • Product Name: YK11 5
  • Active Ingredient: YK-11
  • Manufacturer: Deus Medical
  • Strength: 5mg/tab
  • Packaging: Strips with tablets
  • Each Package Contains: 50 Tablets / e5 mg, For oral use, BP
  • Ships From: Europe (EU Domestic & Worldwide)

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Looking to buy YK-11 Online? We have YK-11 for sale from Deus Medical, one of the leading performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) manufacturers.

YK11 is not yet just another SARM that is useful for bodybuilders. It is a little bit different in the way it works and the achieved results it may provide to the extent that some even call it the most powerful SARM of them all. This is mainly due to the phenomenal results in muscle growth which can get to as high as 15 pounds during a cycle. YK-11 is believed to promote muscle growth by increasing the follistatin protein, critical in forming muscle tissue

YK-11 is a steroidal SARM which is also commonly described as a hybrid between a steroid and a SARM. it is great for mass gains, helps to shape the body- avoiding possible fluid retention, and can assist with fat loss and bone health, deeming it as suitable for cutting and bulking goals while at the same time being usable by females.

Where You Can Buy YK-11 Online?

YK-11 is being sold in many shops online. Believe it or not, most of the websites are reselling repackaged powder from China. As most SARMs come from China, this isn’t necessarily a problem and you can still find reliable places that offer YK-11 for sale. You just have to make sure that the shop is reliable and holds valid tests for their products.

At Deus Medical, we don’t resell repackaged powder from China. Our SARMs are manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities in India with very high standards. All of our SARMs are tested. Moreover, our SARMs come in a convenient dosage form (tablets).

YK-11 Dosage

YK-11 provides great results even at low dosages, so it is advised to begin with 5mg daily for a 4-6 weeks cycle. Intermediate and advanced users should dose up to 10mg and 15mg daily respectively, with 15 being the recommended highest dosage, prolonging the cycle ideally to 8 weeks. The administration should ideally occur twice a day due to a short half-life time.

Women can use YK-11 at low doses starting at just 0.5mg daily with a maximum of 2mg.

Stacking is not a must with YK-11 due to it being quite potent on its own, but advanced users may choose to stack it with other compounds for even greater results.

YK-11 Side Effects

YK-11 doesn’t yet have sufficient clinical trials and test results to shed light on potential long-term side effects, thus what currently known is what was reported by its users. Aggression increase may appear in some users, which is a quite common potential SARM side effect, joint pain via what is believed to be cortisol regulation, mild androgenic effects such as acne, and male pattern baldness in those susceptible to it.

Do You need PCT for YK-11?

YK-11 is a testosterone suppressing compound and can cause complete testosterone shutdown. In some cases it might only cause a reduction in testosterone levels. (Testosterone supression) The only way to tell whether or not you need to take PCT (like Tamoxifen) after a SARM cycle is to undergo a blood test and confirm your testosterone, LH, and FSH levels. Low LH and FSH will indicate that your HPTA is suppressed (and additional lower levels of Testosterone will confirm this claim). However, it is generally recommended to PCT after a YK-11 cycle.

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