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S4 (Anadrine)
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S4 (Anadrine)


Looking to buy S4 Online? We have Anadrine for sale from Deus Medical, one of the leading performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) manufacturers. S4 is a new SARM for rapid muscle gain & strength.

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  • Product Name: S4 25
  • Active Ingredient: Andarine
  • Manufacturer: Deus Medical
  • Strength: 25mg/tab
  • Packaging: Strips with tablets
  • Each Package Contains: 50 Tablets / e25 mg, For oral use, BP
  • Ships From: Europe (EU Domestic & Worldwide)

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S4 (Andarine) is a quite versatile compound favored by bodybuilders and athletes alike due to the possibility of reaping potential performance benefits such as increased strength and bone density, lean muscle growth, better endurance, fat loss, and more efficient use of nutrients. All of which come with minimal potential androgenic side effects. It is thus useful for a wide range of effects from bulking, to cutting to general athletic performance enhancement while possibly increasing vascularity and hardening the muscles, and preventing muscle waste.

Where You Can Buy S4 Online?

S4 is being sold in many shops online. Believe it or not, most of the websites are reselling repackaged powder from China. As most SARMs come from China, this isn’t necessarily a problem and you can still find reliable places that offer S4 for sale. You just have to make sure that the shop is reliable and holds valid tests for their products.

At Deus Medical, we don’t resell repackaged powder from China. Our SARMs are manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities in India with very high standards. All of our SARMs are tested. Moreover, our SARMs come in a convenient dosage form (tablets).

S4 Dosage

With an extremely short half-life time of just 3-4 hours, S4 (Andarine) administration should be done 2-3 times a day, preferably during mealtime. Dosages will vary based on the goals and experience and range from 25mg daily for beginners up to 75mg daily for advanced users with higher potential side effect risk for a no longer than 8 weeks cycle, regardless of dosages. As usual, Andarine can be stacked with other SARMs for enhanced effects.

S4 Side Effects

The most important potential side effect linked with S4 (Andarine) is changes to the eyesight including discomfort, tingling, and in extremely rare cases eyesight impairment. Which of course depends on the dosage and cycle lengths. Less severe potential side effects are mood changes including depression.

Do You need PCT for S4?

S4 is a testosterone-suppressing compound and can cause complete testosterone shutdown. In some cases, it might only cause a reduction in testosterone levels. (Testosterone supression) The only way to tell whether or not you need to take PCT (like Tamoxifen) after a SARM cycle is to conduct a blood test and confirm your testosterone, LH, and FSH levels. Low LH and FSH will indicate that your HPTA is suppressed (and additional lower levels of Testosterone will confirm this claim). However, it is generally recommended to PCT after an S4 (Anadrine) cycle.

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