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SARMs in Australia


Did you ever wonder what is the best place to buy SARMs in Australia or NZ? or what may be the best SARMs source?

You are probably looking to buy SARMs online as we all sadly know that Australian and NZ customs are quite strict which makes it extremely hard for any SARMs sources to operate from within the country.

You came to the right place, at you can buy SARMs online and have them shipped right to your doorstep in an extremely discreet shipping package that looks like something else. We have different types of SARMs ranging from milder ones to ones that are more suitable for women and up to extremely potent SARMs. Our SARMs can be combined in a process called “SARMs stacks” this is done by taking both SARMs with other PEDs to enhance the achieved final effect.

Needless to say that all our or products, whether SARMs or PEDs carry a 3rd party lab testing which is viewable on the related product page.

Buying SARMs online can be tricky, but not with, we offer a wide variety of payments, which together with the high quality of products we carry, make us a leading SARMs source. At our store, you can pay in various methods such as SEPA bank transfers, Transferwise (Wise), Cryptocurrencies, echeck, Zelle, Billpay, and others. We are also working on adding additional payment options as well!

Buy Sarms In Australia – Deus Medical SARMs for Sale

Are SARMs legal in Australia?

SARM’s are practically legal to buy everywhere with the exception of Australia. This is one of the reasons it is so hard to find Australian SARMs sources or buy SARMs online in Australia.  As in many other fields, Australian laws are a bit different than around the rest of the world, unless there is a prescription from a doctor this is in accordance to Schedule 4. In reality to get a doctor’s prescription so you can buy SARMs in Australia legally is pretty slim to none at all. Even Australian fitness influencers are known to take SARMs online on instagram. At we avoid these issues by using discreet shipping. what does that mean? it means that what you get does not say publically “SARMs” on it,  or the specific SARMs types even, rather it looks like something else entirely. This lowers the seizure rate by domestic customs and allows us to achieve a whopping high ~95% of successful delivery rate!