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Looking to buy PROVIMED 25 (Mesterolone)? We have Proviron for sale from Deus Medical. Mesterolone is a mild oral steroid which mainly used for it’s androgen activity (“good” feeling) and muscle hardening.

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  • Product Name: PROVIMED 25
  • Active Ingredient: Mesterolone
  • Manufacturer: Deus Medical
  • Strength: 25mg/tab
  • Packaging: Strips with tablets
  • Each Package Contains: 50 Tablets / e25 mg, For oral use, BP
  • Ships From: Europe (EU Domestic & Worldwide)

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PROVIMED 25 (Proviron or Mesterolone) is a unique type of anabolic steroid derived from DHT which is a bit different from the other available ones by having low anabolic properties, it is thus considered an oral androgen. PROVIMED 25 (Mesterolone) plays an important role in cycles especially cutting and contest preparation, boosting muscle and physic hardening properties. not only due to its own effect rather also by enhancing the activity of other so-called “real” steroids which deems it extremely powerful in the right hands.

PROVIMED 25 (Mesterolone) strongly binds to the aromatase enzyme, helping another AI’s to mitigate estrogenic side effects, or doing so on its own when using not too strong anabolic steroids nor large dosages. Additionally, PROVIMED 25 (Mesterolone) binds to SHBG causing what is known as more “free” testosterone available to be used by the body during the cycle

Proviron (PROVIMED 25) Dosage

The PROVIMED 25 (Mesterolone)  dosage is heavily dependent on the anabolic steroids and their dosage which are used during a cycle. Generally speaking, a dose of between 50mg to 150mg daily is more than sufficient to mitigate estrogenic side effects, although real professionals are known to increase the dosage up to 250mg daily.  The administration should be spaced equally through the day, due to the short 9-12 hour compounds lifetime.

Proviron Dosage in Females

Females should not exceed 25mg daily, with a maximum 5-week cycle length. Even at these low levels, females may experience virilization effects.

PROVIMED 25 Side Effects

PROVIMED 25 (Mesterolone) has some measure of aromatase inhibition, thus no estrogenic side effects exist. The opposite is true to androgenic side effects which may be encountered, which are mainly potential acne and hair loss or male pattern baldness in men and virilization effects in women. testosterone suppression should not be normally present at normal dosages.

The more serious side effect to watch for is the reduction of the good cholesterol levels, although no liver toxicity appears. 

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