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Looking to buy ANAVAMED 10 (Anavar)? We have Anavar for sale from Deus Medical. Oxandrolone is one of the safest oral steroids, with low side effects profile and suitable both for cutting & bulking. This Oral steroid is suitable both for Men & Women because of its low androgen profile.

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  • Product Name: ANAVAMED 10
  • Active Ingredient: Oxandrolone
  • Manufacturer: Deus Medical
  • Strength: 10mg/tab
  • Packaging: Strips with tablets
  • Each Package Contains: 50 Tablets / e10 mg, For oral use, BP
  • Ships From: Europe (EU Domestic & Worldwide)

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ANAVAMED 10 (Anavar, Var Oxandrolone) is considered to be a very mild compound favored by women due to low risk of side effects and lacks aromatization, which deems it one of the most preferred anabolic androgenic steroids available.  It is ideal to be used as an enhancer during cutting cycles for both genders alike. It mixes strength increase with less than dramatic mass increase and plays an important role in lean mass maintenance while boosting strength.

Anavar (ANAVAMED 10) Dosage

ANAVAMED 10 (Oxandrolone) is recommended to be taken twice a day at equal time intervals. The majority of first-time male users can dose from 40mg to 80mg daily, although even less than that will have an effect. More experienced users can go even up to 100 and 150mg but this increases the risk for side effects.

Women who have administered 5-10mg on a daily basis and preferably not more than 20mg, have shown significant muscle growth and hardness.

Generally, cycles can be run up to 10-12 weeks which is longer than the common other 17 alpha alkylated oral steroids due to low hepatoxicity.

ANAVAMED 10 Side effects

ANAVAMED 10 (Oxandrolone) does not aromatize nor convert to DHT/ it causes no hair loss and no or very little virilization effects, which deems it so popular amongst women. Males may experience a lack of libido if not stacked with testosterone. Live damage is practically very minor or nonexistent but should be monitored to avoid any possible risks. It shows a negative effect on users’ blood lipid profiles

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